You Will Be Inspired To Write Today

Do you sometimes feel a little less than motivated to put your bum in the seat and write?

I don’t have a solid gold guarantee to go with the title of this post, but after watching this 18 minute TED video of J J Abrams, myself, I can tell you, you pretty much will be inspired to write today if you watch it. It will also make you at least smile. I laughed out loud. But, it’s a great video.

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16 Responses to You Will Be Inspired To Write Today

  1. diannegray says:

    I got to 11 minutes and my internet dropped out because of a storm Noooooo! I was really enjoying and am coming back to watch the rest later :D


  2. This sounds very interesting, Rebecca. I’ll check it out this evening. Thanks for sharing it.


  3. Rebecca – Thanks for sharing this! I will definitely watch it and I know I’ll be glad I did.


  4. That was really good, Rebecca, thanks for sharing!


  5. A blank page is a magic box. I loved this:)


  6. Amazing. I have two ebooks I’m working on and I now feel energized to finish them. Lovely.


  7. Gwen says:

    I love Abrams, he has amazing ideas.


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