Crime Novel Of The Year Award

Well, the first day of a long four day weekend at Harrogate’s, Theakstons Crime Writing Festival is coming to a close. There are the few hardy ones propping the bar up courageously, while others like me, slink off, in hope of some rest before a full programme of events tomorrow. Today was just a bit of a practice run for me as I didn’t attend the creative Thursday events. Too busy filling my face in Bettys tea rooms!

Anyway, the opening event was packed like sardines with people. There was a huge turnout and you could feel the excitement building. This Thursday night really is the flash bang in starting the most of us of. (not all, I do have to say, hardy, dedicated souls go to creative Thursday events but my tired brain couldn’t take it as well as travelling)

Back to topic, the room was filled with anyone who was anyone in the book world. Want to be writers like myself, published, self published, agents, editors, publishing houses, PR. They’re all there and what’s lovely about this unique event, is they are all approachable. There is such a relaxed atmosphere about the place.

First up was Colin Dexter who Received Outstanding Contribution To Crime Fiction Award.


He is in his eighties now and he is a fabulous gentleman. He had us all laughing. He came across so well and I’m glad I had the opportunity to see him collect his award in person.

The award of the evening was the Old Peculiar Crime Novel of the Year award. The six shirt listed for the award were:

Now You See Me by SJ Bolton (Transworld)
Where the Bodies are Buried by Chris Brookmyre (Little, Brown)
The Burning Soul by John Connolly (Hodder & Stoughton)
The End of the Wasp Season by Denise Mina (Orion)
Black Flowers by Steve Mosby (Orion)
Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson (Transworld)

And the winner of Crime Novel of the Year, is, The End of the Wasp Season by Denise Mina (Orion)


So after a great opening event, we all headed to the big room for a complimentary drink and then a few more were consumed and lots of conversations with old friends and new.

It’s been a long first day. I doubt I will blog from here every day, but I fancied giving it a try this evening. Bear with me if things look wrong. The entire thing has been done on my phone.

One last thing before I sign off. If you want to follow the event in real time and you’re on Twitter. Look up the #topcrime2012 tag timeline. It’s the official tag for the event. It’s active and you won’t regret it…. I don’t think.

13 thoughts on “Crime Novel Of The Year Award

  1. Rebecca – Thanks for sharing. It sounds as though you are having a fabulous time and I couldn’t be happier for you. I look forward to further updates as you have the time to do them.


  2. I really enjoyed creative Thursday this year but couldn’t make the rest of the festival which I’m gutted about so I’ll look forward to reading your posts to keep me updated. Betty’s looked delicious😉


      1. I really enjoy it. I’ve been the last two years and I love Dragons’ Pen. I was lucky enough to get called out this year and although it was probably the most terrifying thing I have ever done it was a really great experience.


  3. Oh no CREAM TEAS!! I had 7 of those in 14 days back in May. And then some more in June. I love them, They are dangerous though. I only feel I can stand up and say I’ve kicked them habit.

    Enjoy the event, that is a great really great crime shortlist. I’ve heard good rumblings about many of those books in reader groups online : )


    1. The cream teas really are delicious but not to be had to regularly.

      I will be checking out a couple of the books from the short list as well as multiple others from other events across the weekend. It will keep me busy!


  4. How wonderful to see Colin Dexter. He’s such a legend. And Betty’s tea room – I just have to go there! Enjoy your weekend, Rebecca, and thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


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